Founded in 1990 SOTUPRIN has specialized in the manufacture of household electrical appliances under the brand HGE.

It has been certified ISO 9001 since 2008, having a research and development department with the experience of its management team the SOTUPRIN followed an ascending line of development and creation of new products in domestic fans, washing machine and electric heaters with a base of energy saving option to cope with the changing costs of energy around the world.

The SOTUPRIN market, which began with the local was quickly developed to plug into neighbouring countries such as Libya and Algeria following the expansion was to the African market as Cameroon, Gabon and Centre African republic and to Europe market such as Italy and Cyprus.

Ours products are distributed by "Le Magasin general (Auchan )", "Carrefour" and "Monoprix" which represent the large part of household electrical distribution in Tunisia.


The head of consulting group "Super-Roznitsa" Natalia Novoselova will share the practical experience during the regional retailers day.

Actively continuing the development of one of directions of the business program, namely, the theme of sales increasing. Well-known expert on sales Dmitry Rusakov will take part in the work of the regional retail day with the seminar "How to increase sales".

Recently the Internet sales have become one of the most important marketing trends. There is an extensive experience, knowledge of efficient and inefficient means for various products and various promotion channels in the Internet tested. The Social Media have shown their great sales potential

The partners of HOUSEHOLD EXPO, STYLISH HOME and CHRISTMAS BOX. PODARKI organizers make an exclusive offer for the exhibitors and visitors to provide comfortable accommodations and convenient transportation.